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Easybase is a powerful, low-code cloud database with a self-building API and visual query builder.

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Packages available for

and more.

Packages available for

and more.

Time to forget administration

Spend more time building and less time worrying about database maintenance, allocation and scaling. Easybase will handle the hard stuff so you can focus on being productive.

Step One

Create a table and insert data manually or via upload.

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Step Two

Create a modular project or table specific integration.

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Step Three

Choose a language and access your data in real-time!

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Less work, more fun

A serverless platform that allows your applications to query data straight from the web browser, mobile device, or other frontend framework.

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The visual query builder and self-building API makes database integration extremely accessible. Avoid hassling with complicated query language and managing API functionality by adding Easybase to your tech stack. The platform handles the hard part and lets you get to work.


Our team takes privacy and security very seriously. All data is always stored and transferred with the highest standards via modern backend security technologies. Proper maintenance keeps our processes up-to-date with the best practices in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.


Serverless integrations are updated in realtime, such that changes are instantly accessible from your programs. Whether you need to fetch 100 records or 100 GBs, your API is responsive to traffic. Deploy with our single-dependency framework and if your app or project demands high volume transfers, you get it.

Database integration made easy

Visually build REST integrations

Build it on Easybase, then call it in your project with no further configuration.

Serverless database for popular Javascript frameworks

The Easybase data frame is stateful and synchronous, build for frontend programming. Just use it like an array! For more information on the easybase-react package, check out the Github or read the docs.

Direct support

Powerful and cost-effective

Only pay for what you use

The platform's on-demand pricing model saves you money by automatically keeping tabs on your data storage and transfer. Charges are calculated based on usage, so periods of low transfer are very cost-effective.

Import and export popular formats

Bring your data to and from popular spreadsheets applications and formats instantly. The web application's import and export feature is compatible with Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, JSON, and CSV.

What you need, when you need it

Easybase features flexible performance. When your app or project experiences a surge of requests, your cloud database will be there to deliver without latency or outages.

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