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Packages available for

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Packages available for

and more.

Building the right backend is hard

Building the right backend is hard

Focus on designing your application and less time worrying about backend maintenance, allocation, and scaling. Easybase handles the hard part.

Step One

Create a table and insert data manually or via upload.

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Step Two

Create a modular project or table-specific integration.

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Step Three

Choose a language and access data or call functions in real-time!

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Less work = time saved

Less work = time saved

Easybase enables you to execute and manage backend processes without code straight from the web browser, mobile device, or frontend framework.

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The visual query builder and self-building API makes database integration extremely accessible. Avoid hassling with complicated query language and managing API functionality by adding Easybase to your tech stack. The platform handles the complex parts and lets you get to work.


Our team takes privacy and security very seriously. All data is always stored and transferred with the highest standards via modern backend security technologies. Proper maintenance keeps our processes up-to-date with the best practices in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.


Serverless integrations are updated in realtime, such that changes are instantly accessible from your programs. Whether you need to fetch 100 records or 100 GBs, your API is responsive to traffic. Deploy with our single-dependency framework and if your app or project demands high volume transfers, you get it.

Database integration made easy

React and React Native

The Easybase Query Builder is intuitive and designed for front-end programming. React hooks are used to create a database 'frame' that statefully updates a given query according to a dependency array and other usages of db(), across the project.


Compound queries and CRUD operations can be safely built in code. For more information, learn about expressions and clauses in Select queries or read the docs.

Easybase carbon node example

Cloud functions for modern apps

Easybase's Function-as-a-Service platform will readily deploy responsive code snippets in Node.js that can be called by name, in code. External packages can be specified in your serverless functions to install dependencies from npm.

Live analytics tracking

Both function and table metrics are tracked in real-time, useful for monitoring project activity. Metadata includes MBs transferred, compute time in milliseconds, and request volume.

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Powerful low-code interface

Pricing for all shapes and sizes

The platform's free option and tiered pricing model gives developers the option to increase or decrease available resources month-by-month. Using the automatically tracked data storage and transfer, users can select the tier that fits best.

Import and export popular formats

Bring your data to and from popular spreadsheets applications and formats instantly. The web application's import and export feature is compatible with Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, JSON, and CSV.

What you need, when you need it

Easybase features flexible performance. When your app or project experiences a surge of requests, your cloud database will be there to deliver without latency or outages. The platform's elastic backend is reliable and responsive.



  • 1 Integration & Project
  • Unlimited Tables
  • 1000 Users
  • 5 GB Storage
  • 75K Requests / mo
  • Shareable Tables
  • Realtime Collaboration
  • Operational Support
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