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Interface QueryOptions


  • QueryOptions



Optional customQuery

customQuery: Record<string, any>

This object can be set to overwrite the query values as set in the integration menu. If your query is setup to find records where 'age' >= 0, passing in { age: 50 } will query where 'age' >= 50. Read more: https://easybase.io/about/2020/09/15/Customizing-query-values/

Optional descending

descending: boolean

By default, columnToSortBy will sort your query by ascending value (1, 2, 3...). To sort by descending set this to true

Optional limit

limit: number

Limit the amount of records to be retrieved. Can be used in combination with offset.

Optional offset

offset: number

Edit starting index from which records will be retrieved from. Useful for paging.


queryName: string

Name of the query saved in Easybase's Visual Query Builder

Optional sortBy

sortBy: string

If you would like to sort the order of your query by a column. Pass the name of that column here

Optional tableName

tableName: string

Table to query. (Projects only)

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