Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) Is Coming to Easybase!

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We had a mission to create a platform that democratized the enterprise modules involved in deploying production-ready applications. Our implementation of database and user authentication successfully increased developers’ productivity and we are thankful for the positive feedback we have received up to this point.

In the next coming weeks, we will be rolling out Function-as-a-Service capability to our platform.

Easybase announcing function-as-a-service

This third pillar of our platform will complete the infrastructure necessary for completely serverless/cloud-native applications. As we continue to finish designing and testing Easybase FaaS, our focus will be placed on ease-of-use and availability.

Functions can be created/edited directly in Easybase’s new ‘Functions’ tab or users will have the ability to drag-and-drop existing node packages on their local machine to upload functions directly.

You will be able to call your function by name in code, with or without authentication enabled. Plus, our implementation will allow users to test their functions right in the Easybase interface.

A more formal announcement and walkthrough will be available during the official release of Function-as-a-service and should be expected before the second quarter of 2021.